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Institute of Violence Prevention work to prevent domestic violence by means of establishing conditions for perpetrators to change their behaviour as well as through prophylactic and educational work.

The activity of the Institute was initiated by Marek Prejzner in 2001, while introducing the concept and practice of programmes  for perpetrators of domestic violence in Poland , which were based on American experiance of Duluth Programmes. Trainings, seminars, lectures and consultancy on methods of work with perpetrators resulted in development of first Polish programmes dedicated to domestic violance perpetrators, which play a vital role in reducing and preventing domestic violence.

Institute of Violence Prevention conducts trainings for different types of institutions, including: non-governmental organisations, Court and Prison Officers, Social Welfare Centres, Regional Social Policy Council, District Family Support Centres, Crisis Intervention Centres as well as other social protection and inclusion units.

Contact us: kontakt@duluth.pl, +48 609 107 191